If you want to screen PARADISE TRIPS internationally, contact M-Appeal.

Fastest way to see the full movie is through Amazon Prime with English subs. In Benelux the film is distributed by Cinéart and available on DVD and VOD with subtitles in Dutch, French and English. For nordic countries Njuta films made a cool DVD with scandinavian subtitles, also available on VOD.

For festival updates: like our facebook page. Music lovers can find the psychedelic tunes used in the movie on our soundcloud.

TUNNELRAT features on the DVD “Selected Shorts 9 – The Best Flemish shorts” which you will find at Dalton Shop. You can also purchase or stream the film through Vimeo on demand or Amazon. For screenings contact Radiator Sales.

Thanks to Shorts International, A MESSAGE FROM OUTER SPACE was among the first short films ever for sale on iTunes.